Polish-Maltese Union under the White-Red Flag 

Poland and Malta are united by the flag and aversion. The white-and-red politics ofmigration has been founded upon consistent refusals, deportations, border protectionby sealing, radical statements and unethical, immoral international agreements.As a Polish artist on residency, I decided to perform a symbolic union of our twocountries, employing a visual similitude between the flags. The union is also subversively realised by a historical prophecy from the period of Partitions (1795-1918), promising to the Polish women and men “The Commonwealth from a sea to asea” (the Baltic to the Black Seas): a Romanticised vision of the greatest splendour. 

The Polish-Maltese union of flags and interests has been formed by joining therespective flags by hands of a Polish female artist in residence and a refugee fromthe Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, Lami, who has been staying on the island for the pastthree years.

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