photo Alicja Kozak

The book-binding initiative and micro-brand, Notesy z Łukowa / The Łuków Notebooks, is a participatory art project run by the artist, Pamela Bożek, in collaboration with women refugees living at the Centre for Foreigners in Łuków, Poland.

Notebook authors, and their families, await administrative decisions from appropriate Polish authorities granting them international protection. Often, their temporary stay at the centre is extended, lasting years, leaving women and men residing there in perpetual insecurity. In their home countries (Chechnya; Dagestan; Tajikistan; Belarus; Ukraine), they suffered persecution, discrimination, or tragic consequences of internal conflicts within those states.
Since its inception, the project has been conceded legal personality and provided support by Stowarzyszenie „Dla Ziemi” / “For the Earth” Association, thanks to which employment of notebook authors and sales of their products are legal, while the notebooks are available to purchase on-line at as well as in traditional retail through cooperation with art galleries and institutions in Poland.

photo Jan Jurczak

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